Free shipping over 50 EUR for domestic customers / Discover the new Lotus Safe CHILDREN’S collection

Free shipping over 50 EUR for domestic customers / Discover the new Lotus Safe CHILDREN’S collection


Research on the impact of RF radiation emitted by mobile devices (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.).

Frequently asked questions

I am interested in your products. What is the background to your idea, project and business? Why can I trust you?2022-09-19T18:04:55+02:00

We are a young company from Slovenia, supported by the Entrepreneurship Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for an innovative product and idea.

Our products are developed on the basis of extensive research (both scientific and our own) and a proven problem in practice.

High radio frequency electromagnetic radiation is harmful to our bodies. This is especially true if there is direct contact with the device/immediate proximity to the device/unchanged body position with the device resting against the body for a long time.

LOTUS SAFE products have been proven to prevent up to 99.98% of radiation in the downward direction and also reduce it by more than 50% in the direction towards the body (due to the reduction of the RF EM radiation intensity that occurs when the frequency is reflected off the material that prevents the radiation). We measure with the highest-end equipment. All analyses and results are available on our website, where you can also access a wide range of scientific research on the problem from around the world. We have produced thousands of products for our users. To date, we have received only 2 complaints for human error in manufacturing (all products are handmade).

We stand behind our products 100%. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, we will refund your order.

What are the dimensions of your protective pillow and what are the dimensions of folding travel pillow?2022-09-19T18:03:03+02:00

The buckwheat and lavender filled protection pillow measures 35x25cm and the kapok filled travel pillow measures 38x38cm.

What time does it take to dispatch an order?2022-09-19T18:01:39+02:00

All orders received are processed and dispatched within 48 hours. Delivery is then handled by the logistics courier company GLS, which delivers orders within 48 hours at the latest, but usually within 24 hours.

The typical time from order to receipt of the package at the customer’s premises is 2-3 days.

How do you measure radiation and carry out surveys?2022-09-19T18:00:55+02:00

We measure radiation and conduct research using the SPECTRUM Analyzer PRO 8010, one of the most accurate EM RF radiation measurement devices available on the market. Our device detects all information about the presence and strength of high-frequency radiation – up to 10GhZ (gigahertz).
During the measurement, the device captures the data directly and transmits it to the software platform, where it is subsequently analysed and the results evaluated.
Research on the effects and consequences of electromagnetic radiation is also based on the study and interpretation of publicly available scientific research. Some of them can also be found on our website.

What material do you use in your products for radiation protection and how does it work?2022-09-19T17:59:57+02:00

All our products are sewn with EM RF radiation shielding fabric from nickel and copper The effectiveness of the protective material, proven by the manufacturer, is 99.87%.
With our protection products, we want to encourage mobile device users to handle their mobile devices more correctly and safely.

Mobile devices (radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation) are most harmful to the body when they are in direct contact or direct contact or in its proximity.

LOTUS SAFE products, when used correctly and positioned to protect vital areas of the body, have been proven to provide more than 90% protection against radiation from mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop).

Does the LOTUS SAFE POUCH have to be closed to work?2022-09-19T17:57:10+02:00

If the pouch is fully sealed, then the product’s nickel and copper barrier totally blocks the phone of receiving the signal and data. You’ll get the best functionality with pure ease of use. Place 1, or even 2 phones in the open pouch, the signal will still be present (coming from the top down, going only up), so radiation will be blocked in all directions towards the body (downwards and outwards at the sides).


The top edge of the box should be placed above head level for the most effective protective action during sleep.

Can I collect / buy the products in person on site?2022-09-19T17:43:43+02:00

You can collect your products in person at our official address.

Please let us know in advance so that your order can be ready in time.

Products can only be paid for via e-banking. We do not deal in cash.

What are the payment options?2022-09-19T17:42:54+02:00

When you complete your purchase through the website, we offer you different payment options:

  • credit card
  • Paypal
  • transfer to company bank account
  • payment upon delivery

If you need a company invoice, please enter your company details in the notes section when ordering.

Hello, I would like to become an ambassador for your products on social networks. Would you be interested?2022-10-12T14:22:24+02:00

We are always open for cooperation.
Contact us
and we will be happy to try to work out a cooperation agreement with you.

Can I expect a discount if I order more products?2022-10-12T14:19:19+02:00

We offer special prices on our website for multi-product packages with high discounts on regular prices. If you would like to combine other products than the one offered,

Can a baby blanket/pillow be made from 100% cotton?2022-09-19T17:39:04+02:00

The baby blankets and pillows are made of 65% cotton / 35% polyester. The materials chosen are of high quality, washable and very durable.

Product covers can also be made from 100% cotton on request at an extra cost. We will choose the desired 100% cotton pattern together with you to make the protective cushion or blanket exactly for you.

What are the dimensions of your products?2022-09-19T17:37:54+02:00

Product sizing information can be found on our website next to the product description.

How do your pillows work?2022-09-19T17:37:20+02:00

Place your mobile device on the pillow. According to Farraday cage concept the NI/CU barrier in the product will stop the passage of RF EM radiation into your body – thus protecting your vital organs.

The pillow has a 2-layer nickel-copper protective fabric sewn in to mechanically block radiation. In practice, measured, this means that you prevent more than 98% of the radiation from reaching the part of the body covered by the cushion.

Some of the energy (radiated power) is absorbed on impact and some is reflected at 90 degree angles, but significantly weakened. The reflected radiation is measured to be at least 50% weaker than the original radiation reaching your device.

LOTUSSAFE pillows are proven and measured to prevent radiation from entering the body and important vital organs in the body, so we strongly recommend you to buy and use them regularly.

Can pillows and blankets be machine washed?2022-09-19T17:31:22+02:00

The outer covers of our products (except LOTUS SAFE BOX) are washable, while the inner layers – the filling with the protective cover – are not.

How long do your products last?2022-09-19T17:30:32+02:00

All our products work until the inner protective fabric is destroyed (torn). With regular use and proper handling, our products have a lifespan of at least 2 years.


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